Olli Olbot's worlds

Olli Bua
A sweet, comforting and fun friend that takes care of your child. Soft Friends that can transform a little cry into a smile.

Olli Musik
Tinkling rattles and sweet musical boxes stimulate children’s senses to music and sounds, arouse their curiosity and keep them company while asleep. Funny and educational they express the different moments of the day, keeping their attention with new and amusing games.

Olli Care
Soft and handy pouches that guard a secret: small and precious natural seeds that can be warmed up and placet in the toy’s tummy, providing a completely natural sense of wellbeing thanks to the important positive effects that spelt seed husks diffuse to bodies through the skin. Spelt seed husks contains up to 90% silicic acid, an extremely important substance for the wellbeing of children and adults. Here is the ideal friend to cuddle and pamper!

Olli Doudou
Let me cuddle you!
Soft and as tender as a hug. Inseparable companions that give the child a pleasant sense of protection and safety. A soft small blanket, featuring cute little friends, to be wrapped in or to cling onto tightly.

Olli Tender
Comforting, soft, cuddly and welcoming… A world of clean freshness, warm cuddles and happy smiles. Nice, cute accessories not too bulky and easy to use, for the care and the comfort of your child.

Olli Splash
Happily paddle in soft foam and thousands of bubbles. Olli Olbot offers a wide range of products that make bath-time and baby’s personal care more pleasant and comforting. Small and funny friends to play with, make bath-time a happy and joyful moment and… when the water gets cold it’s nice to be wrapped in a soft towel in mummy’s arms.